With years of experience,
With years of experience from E farm and extensive researches from our overseas partners, we have found “E Farm Biotech”, devoted to the Black Soldier Fly rearing. We stay focus on this emerging industry, while upcycling as much organic waste as possible.

Food Waste problem in Hong Kong

Hong Kong produces 3,300 tonnes of food waste daily, equivalent to the weights of 250 double-decker buses. Although there is a organic waste treatment facility which uses biogas to generate electricity in Hong Kong, but it only targets on those industrial and commercial organic waste producers. The domestic food waste, comprised of 70% of the total, has not had any way out yet.

Current Situation

We will operate our project in Sheung Shui, with the area of around 10,000 sq ft. Currently, it is in the planning stage of the construction. This project has been successfully awarded with grand from HKSAR government, with an aim to establish the most efficient food recycling facility in Hong Kong.

Our impacts

Our world will not be a better place, if we only take financial performance as a business success. As a global citizen, we are committed to bring positive impact to the world, guided by the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Local product for local use

Future Development

Product Development

Focus on R&D by diversifying products from stable margin fishmeal and animal feed market, to niche market like cosmetic, pharmaceutical, material engineering and future food products

Technical Transfer

Leveraged on this success case and experience, we will dispatch similar module of BSF facility in other parts of Hong Kong, so as to bring changes to food recycling industry

Flexible Model

Develop modular production model that will suit different facility size and environment