What is Black Soldier Fly?

The scientific name of Black Soldier fly is Hermetia illucens. It is a common and widespread useful insects in the world. In the wild, Black Soldier Fly larvae mainly consumes organic materials like animal bodies, manure, rotten plants, etc. The larvae eats almost everything and grows quickly, while unaffected by the seasonings used by human.

Farm more with less

As compared with same amount of protein generated by other farming activities, insect farming would be more efficient on feed conversion rate, shorter harvesting cycle, and smaller land use due to vertical farming. More importantly, the feed that is used for insect farming would usually be the “waste” doomed for landfills

Weight of protein produced per 1,000 sq meter of area

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Transformation of Food Waste by BSF

Lauric acid

When the technique is mature enough to extract lipids from the larvae, it could possibly replace part of fish oil for the medical or chemical use. Besides, larvae contain more proteins after the oil extraction. As a result, it can replace some of fishmeal with higher protein content.


Based on the experiences of farmers in Taiwan, fertilizer which contains chitin is a effective soil amendment for improving soil quality and soil fertility. It can also reduce some of the pests and diseases, thereby increasing the harvest.

High Protein feed

Different types of diets may lead the inconsistency on the nutrients of food waste, however BSF able to transform the protein from those food waste and contain at least 40% protein, so that it can be partially replace the unstable and unsustainable supply of fishmeal.


Rich chitin can be collected from their exoskeleton sheds or dead body in the rearing process. Chitin has many commercial applications, including food and pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, or used in environmental and agricultural activities. Some studies states that chitin can also be used to produce biodegradable plastics for food containers, plastic bags, and packaging, putting an end to the plastic pollution.