BSF is rich in protein. The nutrient content varies from type of diet. BSF is able to transform the protein from those food waste and contain at least 40% protein, so that it can be partially replace the unstable and unsustainable supply of fishmeal. When the technique is mature enough to extract lipids from the larvae, it could possibly replace part of fish oil for the medical or chemical use. Besides, larvae contain more proteins after the oil extraction. As a result, it can replace some of fishmeal with higher protein content.

Larvae as feed

  • BSF larvae are made into feed after repeated experiments
  • The protein content of larvae is 42%~44%, the fat content is 31%~35%, the ash content is 11%~15%, the calcium content is 4.8%~5.1%, and the phosphorus content is 0.60%~0.63%.
  • The fat is mainly unsaturated fat, the more important ones contain lauric acid, omega 6, 9
  • In addition to the old site in Fanling, feed trials in other places have also received positive feedbacks.

Research on the BSF as Aquatic Feed

  • BSF has been proven by multiple reports to replace 20-50% of fishmeal
  • There are many fish species that have successfully replaced fish meal with insect meal, whether they are seawater, freshwater, brackish water, benthic, or middle and upper reaches. Examples: Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, European bass, catfish, tilapia, tilapia, chrysalis, rockfish, panma, gilthead snapper, large yellow croaker, yellow catfish, Siberian sturgeon, Australian perch, European Carp (can be fed with 100% black soldier flies)

Applicatino of BSF Feed

  • Feed in the form of live insects, insect meal, insect oil, insect protein
  • According to the habits of marine lives, the size of the mouthparts, and growth stages, black soldier flies of different stages (the content of omega 6 and monounsaturated fat will vary according to the growth stage), or combined with Processed products in different states are made into feed
  • Academic research to study how to apply the antimicrobial peptides in BSF to the breeding industry

Order Feed


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