BSF manure is a nutrient-rich fertilizer that revitalizes farmland soil and promotes plant growth.


After BSF larva pupates, its mouthparts degenerate and it grows wings. It only drinks water and does not eat. It aims to reproduce the next generation. It will not go to human residences to look for food, lay eggs, or infect diseases like flies. It is harmless to humans. . After mating, they will die in about a week. Black soldier flies are not plant pests and will not harm or bite crops.

An adult BSF can lay more than 700 eggs, and its life cycle is only about one month, so it can harvest continuously in a short period of time. Because of its rapid reproduction, rich nutrition, ability to suppress pests, and efficient transformation of kitchen waste, the black soldier fly is known as the “perfect insect” and has become the most attention-grabbing resource insect and forward-looking agricultural creature in the past 20 years. The development of different scientific researches and patents are promoted all over the world.

The larvae of the BSF will eat food scraps continuously from birth until they reach the largest size. After about 18 days and changing their skin 5 times, the larvae will gradually turn black and prepare to pupate and emerge into adults. Will not eat and move. Insect feces are mainly produced during the larval stage of black soldier flies, they will continue to eat and excrete feces. We collect these bug droppings, and through a fermentation process, natural, organic bug manure is produced.

Composition of fertilizer

In order to ensure product quality, we regularly test insect droppings. According to a recent report, insect droppings are very rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential minerals for plant growth and development.

氮 Nitrogen (mg/kg)

Nitrogen helps plants produce more chlorophyll, which is the main component of plant protein. It can promote germination and long leaves, so that plants can absorb sunlight and carry out photosynthesis more effectively, so that the plants are tall, not easy to drop leaves, and the stems are strong and strong. When the leaves of the crops turn yellow, the leaves are small, the leaves are constantly falling, the leaves are not growing, and the stems are young, it means that the plants need more nitrogen.

磷 Phosphorus (mg/kg)

Phosphorus can promote plant flowering and fruiting, and is also the main component of plant nucleic acid, which can make plants grow, develop, reproduce and inherit healthily.

鉀 Potassium (mg/kg)

Potassium is the main nutrient for rooting and growth. It can also promote photosynthesis, improve the ability to absorb nitrogen, assist root development, and make leaves and stems strong. The growth period especially needs more potassium.

The unique natural ingredients of insect droppings

Insect dung contains the molted skin of larvae, which is a semi-decomposed nutrient substance composed of chitin. Chitin has strong anti-bacteria and anti-fungal effects, and can effectively inhibit a variety of common crop diseases, such as: Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, ring spot, downy mildew, anthracnose, angular spot, soft rot; inhibit a variety of Fungi: 32 species of fungi, such as Thinum, Neurospora, and Cynospora, can prevent crops from growing leaf spot, leaf withering, withering, and fungal hyphae. Chitin can also dissolve nematode eggs and reduce the breeding of pests. Long-term use of insect manure can reduce the use of insecticides and fungicides, and reduce the damage to beneficial insects and pollinating insects in the field.

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