Our products

We feed the world the way nature intended it. All of our products would be 100% natural, healthy and organic.

Our global food supply is an inefficient system. About a third of food produced are wasted due to various reasons, e.g. fresh food failed the cosmetic standard, residue from food factories, food passed by the “best-before”, etc.

Meanwhile, another one third of food would be produced just for animal farming (for their meat), leaving only one third of food that are produced for human consumption.


Black soldier fly larvae

All larvae are grown in Hong Kong and fed with diet composed of pre-consumer food by-product and fermented food waste.

Our feed has gone through trials in local fish ponds. Together with the experiences from our overseas partners, we can ensure it could fulfill the needs of different kinds of animals.

Insect fertilizer

Insect fertilizer is the left-over from growing black soldier fly larvae, including larvae frass and exoskeleton sheds. This is the 100% natural fertilizer that contains a balance nutrients and minerals.