What is
Black Soldier Fly?

The scientific name of Black Soldier fly is Hermetia illucens. It is a common and widespread useful insects in the world. In the wild, Black Soldier Fly larvae mainly consumes organic materials like animal bodies, manure, rotten plants, etc. The larvae eats almost everything and grows quickly, while unaffected by the seasonings used by human.

Farm more with less

As compared with same amount of protein generated by other farming activities, insect farming would be more efficient on feed conversion rate, shorter harvesting cycle, and smaller land use due to vertical farming. More importantly, the feed that is used for insect farming would usually be the “waste” doomed for landfills

Weight of protein produced per 1,000 sq meter of area

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Black Soldier Fly
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Source: E Farm Biotech Ltd; USDA; FAO/WHO/UNICEPF Protein Advisory Group

Transformation of Food Waste by BSF